Sydney Valentine

Danielle: Can you state your full name?

Sydney: Am I under arrest?

Danielle: It’s just for the record.

Sydney:  Again. Am I under arrest?

Danielle: You’re a funny one, aren’t you?

Sydney:  Not really.  I’m Detective Sydney Valentine, but you knew that already.

Danielle: Yes, but the readers didn’t.

Sydney: Readers schmeaders.  Next question.

Danielle: What’s your ethnicity?

Sydney: Mexican American, German, and African American.  Why?

Danielle: You have an exotic look.  That’s an interesting combo. I like your hair.

Sydney:  Thank you.

Danielle: Is it naturally that reddish cinnamon color?

Sydney: Yep.  And the curls are natural too.

Danielle:  Did you ever wish you had straight hair?

Sydney: Not now, but I did as a kid. I was teased once.

Danielle: What happened?

Sydney: I beat a boy in a race and the sore loser called me Syd the Squid.

Danielle: That’s awful. Did you cry?

Sydney: I didn’t.

Danielle: That must’ve pissed him off. What did you do?

Sydney: I punched him in the stomach.

Danielle:  What did he say to that?

Sydney: Oomph! Then, he doubled over and I walked away.

Danielle: Did he ever tease you again?

Sydney: Didn’t you hear me say I got teased once?

Danielle: Detective Sydney Valentine, it’s been a pleasure to meet you.

Sydney: Ditto.

Danielle: Stay tuned for more interviews with Detective Valentine in the future.

Thanks for reading the interview. To read The Protector, please purchase the book on Amazon.

7 Responses to Sydney Valentine

  1. Sydney Valentine says:

    Is there a rating system on this site?


  2. Lots of people. Women, and some men, spend a great deal of money and time getting their hair to look like yours. At any rate, we’ll discuss more in our next interview. How’s that?


  3. Dani, that’s tooo cute! I like Sydney! 🙂


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